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Elmo has released a lot of news.


Therefor they now have made 10 new tutorial videos for better, faster and easier Motion Control. Click here to access the tutorial videos on Elmo’s website.


FREE Online Motion Control Experience
Experience the most advanced revolutionary “hands-on” motion control training system, comprising EtherCAT Networking, Servo tuning, and Multi-axis Control


The new EASII Remote Practice System (RPS) integrates the Gold Maestro Motion Controller, Gold servo drives, and the EASII application into a fully configured formidable training system available on-line at the click of a mouse.


The screen displays the EASII fast and easy tool that walks-you-through your entire motion implementation − from user-friendly drive setup, to automated tuning, to super-intuitive multi-axis motion sequences. Click here to watch the video



One of newest releases on the drive side is Gold Twitter / bee which is the most compact design of servodrives.

The drives are available in both industrial and ruggedized versions (- 40° C to +70° C)



The small drives are only sold to volume customers. Samples are of cause available for potential volume customers.


 Elmo Gold line:



Click here for more information about the Gold Drives.


Elmo SimplIQ:



Click here for more information about SimplIQ


Elmo ExtrIQ:



Click here for more information about ExtrIQ


On Elmo homepage you will find drives, motors, power supplies, accessories, compliances etc.


If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us


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